A little about me

and why I love real estate

After graduating with a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland I decided to jump straight into real estate, as I knew it was my passion, and I have always felt a genuine connection to the community. I grew up in the DC area, and have a depth of knowledge in terms of homes, neighborhoods, transportation, activities, and more. For over a decade I have helped my clients buy and sell their homes all across the region. 

Not only do I know the area well and have a solid sales record, but I also have great experience with the details of home buying and selling. I know why details and time can be important when you’re choosing a new home, and I know that selling a home means getting the best price and service for you. No matter what your situation or need, I enjoy working with every client. I will work hard to make sure you get the right price as well as peace of mind throughout the process. Give me a call, or send an email, and let’s accomplish your real estate goals. 

In my free time

When I’m not busy working for my clients, you can find me reading, catching up with friends at social gatherings, taking in the big concerts that always come through the city, exploring nature and the great outdoors of the region, and playing pickup basketball or in a local league game. I'm proud to call Cheverly, MD home. 

Testimonials icon

My clients are awesome

and here's what they've been saying

“Chris contacted me through Instagram and was fed up with the home search process. He had been looking before with another Realtor, but had multiple deals fall apart in a string of bad luck. We immediately created a plan of action and within a week of meeting, had already gotten him under contract at his new home.”

“Jonathan and Shannon were newly engaged and looking for their first home. As 2 teachers they knew it would be hard to find the right home for them that also fit their budget. With some luck and creativity, we were able to find them a beautiful home in a neighborhood they thought was out of reach.”

“Jerrod wanted to purchase a multi-family unit in the city. We knew that these properties were hard to come by, but when the right property came to market, we moved quickly to secure a deal. We were able to get Jerrod a beautiful 2-unit property in the heart of a thriving neighborhood. A great addition to the growing portfolio.”

“Janesh began his home search with the idea of creating a home that he could live in and also use for short term rentals. After some intense searching and bidding wars we were able to find Janesh a great property that would suit his needs by providing a completely separate living space for him and his guests. His next big project at the home is finding where to place the hot tub!”

“Keva was looking to sell her townhome and move into a bigger place with income potential. We fixed up her home and got it ready to sell and ended up with multiple offers in one weekend. We were able to take those proceeds and find her another home with not 1, but 2 additional dwelling units she could rent out. The best part yet is that it came with its own pool, so she and her family can enjoy the summer in style!”

“Isaac is a military veteran who served our country honorably. Originally from the west coast, he didn’t know what area of the DMV was right for him. We explored numerous different options and found a home in a great neighborhood that he hadn’t even considered. The best part is the home also has a rental suite for some great investment income as well!”

“Thomas and Khadijah made the long journey all the way from California, and were in need of a new home after selling theirs. We were able to get them an amazing modern home with way more space than their place out west. Now they have plenty of room for their growing family.”

“We found Portia a charming townhome a few years ago, but when Portia found out there was going to be a new addition to the family, we needed to move quickly to get her more space. We created a plan that got Portia’s home under contract in one weekend at above the listing price. We then were able to use the proceeds to close on her new home the next day!”