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Client Reviews

“Chris contacted me through Instagram and was fed up with the home search process. He had been looking before with another Realtor, but had multiple deals fall apart in a string of bad luck. We immediately created a plan of action and within a week of meeting, had already gotten him under contract at his new home.”

“Jonathan and Shannon were newly engaged and looking for their first home. As 2 teachers they knew it would be hard to find the right home for them that also fit their budget. With some luck and creativity, we were able to find them a beautiful home in a neighborhood they thought was out of reach.”

“Jerrod wanted to purchase a multi-family unit in the city. We knew that these properties were hard to come by, but when the right property came to market, we moved quickly to secure a deal. We were able to get Jerrod a beautiful 2-unit property in the heart of a thriving neighborhood. A great addition to the growing portfolio.”